Better People applauds Facebook's application process

Better People applauds Facebook for creating an application process that is not biased against people with legal histories. After a recent tour of San Quentin State Prison in California, Facebook Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg took to his Facebook page to share his experience and call for prison reform. 

In reaction to a comment to this post, Zuckerberg replied, “We actually don’t ask about your criminal record on your job application here at Facebook. That way we don’t bias against people who’ve made a mistake in their past, and we can help give them a second chance.”

Better People encourages all employers to remove questions about legal history from their application process.

Blacks and Hispanics are significantly more likely than whites to be arrested for possession and sale of marijuana and to receive a conviction and criminal record, even though the majority of marijuana users are non-Hispanic whites,” Zuckerberg wrote. “Our entire society pays the price for an unfair, broken system.
— Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO