September 2017

At this time Better People is closing our nonprofit organization. Twenty years ago when Better People began, our Founder Chip Shields and long-time Executive Director Clariner Boston introduced Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) to the Portland metro area. MRT in combination with Job Readiness and Job Placement were the backbones of our successful mission to reduce recidivism. Thousands of people re-entering the community from incarceration learned about our work before their release, attended information sessions after release, experienced our MRT and Job Readiness programs and were placed in jobs with livable wages. At this time MRT is now utilized throughout the Portland metro area. The work to guide people with legal histories to become wholesome, productive and contributing members of our community is still greatly needed.

We extend most sincere gratitude to our remarkable clients; our Alumni Club; former and present members of the Board of Directors; to former employees and contractors; to policy consultants and financial and legal advisers; to foundations, state and local agencies and to every person and business who has contributed to Better People’s mission financially and with so many other types of support. We have deeply appreciated your dedication and shared devotion.

Judith Belk
Better People Board President and Interim Director

Contact: Center for Communication & Learning Skills
371 Sixth St., Lake Oswego, OR 97034
503 699-9022